Temper Temper

Maybe it’s because we’ve had the stomach flu at our house and have used videos in place of parenting the past couple days. Maybe it’s because we often have the television on when HawkInWinter brings Siena into the office to nurse a few hours after bedtime. Maybe it’s just because we have a toddler with […]

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Little Red…Hippo?

I don’t like personality tests. Either none of the answers fit me, or two or more of them would work.  No personality test would ever give me the label of “decisive”.  And yet, for some reason I took an online quiz today as I nursed Siena. The teaser question was “What Kind of Animal Mother […]

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Creative Problem Solving

Remember when I posted about Siena constantly falling down and screaming, between being a new crawler and a brand new pull-to-stand-er? Well, I’ve devised some creative solutions. To keep her from repeatedly smacking her head into the hard sides of her crib, I borrowed the portable (and soft sided!) crib from my parents. With so […]

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I’m a Winner, Baby!

Hey guess what? I won a contest! I won’t be able to use my prize right away, since it’s meant to help reduce nausea and morning sickness. (NO, this is not an announcement that we’re expecting again! Sheesh.) It’s called a Psi Band and I had my choice of colors. I went with black, since […]

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Memorial Day

We spent a good chunk of our day working out in the garage, with Siena happily standing up and flopping down in her portable crib. We called Hawk in Winter’s aunt, whose son in the Navy serving the Marines as a medic. Hawk in Winter posted a short reflection and a moving video on his […]

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