Wordless Wednesday – Climbing Collection

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Look Who’s Talking II

A friend of ours recently said, “Each time Siena says a real word I think, ‘Woah! A talking baby!” I’ve been adding to a list of our talking baby’s words and signs for a while now, meaning to post them. I think it’s time. Signed Words: more airplane cat bird eat potty nurse Verbal words […]

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Look Who’s Talking I

When I was a Special Education student, I was fascinated by language development. It was so intriguing to research various theories of how we learn language, how our language separates us from even highly trained animals, and methods of teaching students who have not naturally “absorbed” language as do most children. As a Special Education […]

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Sixteen Months

Happy Sixteen Month Birthday, Siena! You had a well child check-up this past week, and here are your stats: length – 31 inches weight – 20 pounds I’m including some pictures of you at your appointment. (Click here to see pictures from earlier doctor visits.) For my own memory, here’s a snapshot of your development. […]

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St. Valentine Surprises

Four years (and about one week) ago today, I had just met HawkInWinter in person for the first time.  We met on CatholicMatch.com and had exchanged lengthy emails and telephone conversations, but it was early February of 2006 when I flew to his state to visit friends and cousins, and met him “for reals.”  Before my […]

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Can you believe it?

Can you believe… that from these pictures… taken at her six month vaccinations…. to these pictures today at her seven month vaccinations… she gained nearly two pounds and a full inch?? Me neither. Then I realized it was actually two months ago that she had her last measurements taken, since last month was just vaccines. […]

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