Happy Pi Day

Ever since learning there is such thing as Pi Day, when the date is 3-14, like the first digits of pi (3.14), I have wanted to celebrate by baking a pie. Somehow that has never happened, either because I remember it on March 14th and don’t have what I need, or remember it sometime after […]

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Tips From the Trenches: Toddler Edition

Thanks for the positive feedback on Wednesday’s Tips From The Trenches: Infant Edition. Here’s what I’ve learned so far about raising a toddler from my family, friends, and fifteen month old Siena: Seconds? No matter how resourceful you think you are, don’t tell your husband that you added apple and cherry baby food puree to […]

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Tips From the Trenches: Infant Edition

I have collected some tidbits from various emails to new parents who had asked for any and all advice. I’ve put them together with cheesy titles like those online articles that keep us reading but don’t really teach much. Hopefully this will be more helpful than the real thing? Get Used To Used Lots of […]

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