Today is my one year blog-iversary! I started this blog one year ago today, with this post about Siena’s six month birthday. I’ve really enjoyed looking back at old posts, and hope to keep my good momentum going that I’ve had since taking a break. I also plan to figure out the other features of […]

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Back to School

My student planner tells me today starts Community College Month, so I’ll “celebrate” by sharing with you some pictures from my first day of school yesterday. Yup, Momma’s going back to school! I was sick on Monday so I missed the first day of classes, making Wednesday my first day. I’m taking courses each quarter […]

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Look Who’s Talking II

A friend of ours recently said, “Each time Siena says a real word I think, ‘Woah! A talking baby!” I’ve been adding to a list of our talking baby’s words and signs for a while now, meaning to post them. I think it’s time. Signed Words: more airplane cat bird eat potty nurse Verbal words […]

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Look Who’s Talking I

When I was a Special Education student, I was fascinated by language development. It was so intriguing to research various theories of how we learn language, how our language separates us from even highly trained animals, and methods of teaching students who have not naturally “absorbed” language as do most children. As a Special Education […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Packing up Maternity Clothes

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Sixteen Months

Happy Sixteen Month Birthday, Siena! You had a well child check-up this past week, and here are your stats: length – 31 inches weight – 20 pounds I’m including some pictures of you at your appointment. (Click here to see pictures from earlier doctor visits.) For my own memory, here’s a snapshot of your development. […]

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Seven Months

Siena hits the seven month mark today! When she turned six months old, you might remember that we celebrated three ways:  a half birthday block party, starting solids, and starting this blog. Today let’s “celebrate” with an update on those three things, shall we? Half birthday block party – I was waiting to publish the […]

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Look Who’s Standing!

. The very next morning after we lowered her mattress a couple notches (for safety’s sake since she’d started pulling to a kneel) Siena started pulling to stand! “Just reach… and pull myself up…” “Ta-DAH!” The first time she pulled to stand, I expected her to last a few wobbly seconds on tiptoes, but she […]

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Happy Six Month Birthday!

God created our daughter Siena about sixTEEN months ago, but today marks six fantastic months since the day she was born. We’re celebrating in three ways: On Friday, we’re hosting a May Day block party so we can meet more of our neighbors. We have a little park on our street, and with the spring […]

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