Cute Baby

My mom clipped and brought this comic strip with her when she visited our house last. I have it up on our fridge because it is SO Siena! We get comments every time we take her out in public, because she charms peoples’ socks off. She cheerfully says, “Hi!” to just about everybody she encounters, […]

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Simple Pleasures Are The Best

Siena has made an appearance on a third blog! Mine, her Daddy’s, and now her Grandma Betty’s professional blog too. My mom used this picture of Siena to illustrate a post she wrote about simplicity being a path to joy. I’m also pretty sure she had Siena in mind for the first few paragraphs of […]

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Double The Fun

Siena’s little buddy London has appeared a few times on Hawk in Winter’s blog. We have pictures of London and Siena both dressed as Tigger, and dressed up for St. Valentine’s Day. I got to watch London again on Saturday and was surprised how easy it was this time! (Last time they both got hungry […]

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