Nature’s Greatest Gift

The image above is appearing on city busses in Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, and LA. Click here to see a short video of the reaction people have to these Earth Day bus ads in Chicago. The rest of my post is copied from here. Go ahead and click on over and see the comments people […]

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Not Me! Monday

I haven’t posted a Not Me! Monday in a while, so the confessions have been building up. This blog carnival was started by MckMama over at My Charming Kids. You can click here to go check her out. As for me, do you remember the whipped cream from my key lime pie? I used some […]

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Lent and Holy Week

The Triduum – Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday – comes between Lent and Easter. We didn’t have much luck getting to Mass this year for the optional Lenten feasts, and even missed Palm Sunday due to illness. I think Siena really would have enjoyed some of the sacramentals this year, had things worked out […]

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Look Who’s Talking I

When I was a Special Education student, I was fascinated by language development. It was so intriguing to research various theories of how we learn language, how our language separates us from even highly trained animals, and methods of teaching students who have not naturally “absorbed” language as do most children. As a Special Education […]

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Simple Pleasures Are The Best

Siena has made an appearance on a third blog! Mine, her Daddy’s, and now her Grandma Betty’s professional blog too. My mom used this picture of Siena to illustrate a post she wrote about simplicity being a path to joy. I’m also pretty sure she had Siena in mind for the first few paragraphs of […]

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Mother’s Day

We took Siena to the beach yesterday, and had lunch and a quick visit with my parents and two of my sisters. Today we head to the mountains to celebrate Mother’s Day with my extended family. Hope to post beach pictures tonight. In the meantime, here are some thoughts on motherhood from Forget to […]

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Feast Day

Yesterday was Siena’s half birthday, and today is yet another day to celebrate our girl – it’s her Feast Day! April 29th is the Feast of St. Catherine of Siena. Siena is the Italian city where St. Catherine lived, but because it is part of her title, we consider St. Catherine of Siena to be […]

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