Catherine Creek

HawkInWinter has some great pictures up from our short hike on Sunday. Click here to go see! Once you get to his blog, click his first image to make it bigger, read the caption, and scroll through the rest by clicking Next.

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Learning to Fly

How many people get to say, “My husband flew me around today!” ? Apparently there are only 600,00 active pilots in the country. Their spouses are a fortunate bunch who have the opportunity to accompany them on their flights…and I’m blessed to be one of them! Hawk in Winter’s flight instructor, Johnny, was also joining […]

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Beach Baby

Here are some pictures (remember they’re always clickable so you can see them bigger) from Siena’s first beach trip on Mother’s Day weekend. We spent Friday night at my grandparents’ beach cabin (where we spent part of our honeymoon), then my parents and two of my sisters joined us for lunch on Saturday. Siena discovered […]

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