Learning to Fly

How many people get to say, “My husband flew me around today!” ? Apparently there are only 600,00 active pilots in the country. Their spouses are a fortunate bunch who have the opportunity to accompany them on their flights…and I’m blessed to be one of them! Hawk in Winter’s flight instructor, Johnny, was also joining […]

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Little Red…Hippo?

I don’t like personality tests. Either none of the answers fit me, or two or more of them would work.  No personality test would ever give me the label of “decisive”.  And yet, for some reason I took an online quiz today as I nursed Siena. The teaser question was “What Kind of Animal Mother […]

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Fourth of July

I know, I know…things have been quiet on the blogging home front this past month. I have a few picture-laden posts in the works, so prepare for a week of updates. For now,  I invite you to head on over to my hubby’s blog to see his post about our Fourth of July, including a […]

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