Double The Fun

Siena’s little buddy London has appeared a few times on Hawk in Winter’s blog. We have pictures of London and Siena both dressed as Tigger, and dressed up for St. Valentine’s Day. I got to watch London again on Saturday and was surprised how easy it was this time! (Last time they both got hungry […]

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Creative Problem Solving

Remember when I posted about Siena constantly falling down and screaming, between being a new crawler and a brand new pull-to-stand-er? Well, I’ve devised some creative solutions. To keep her from repeatedly smacking her head into the hard sides of her crib, I borrowed the portable (and soft sided!) crib from my parents. With so […]

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Can you believe it?

Can you believe… that from these pictures… taken at her six month vaccinations…. to these pictures today at her seven month vaccinations… she gained nearly two pounds and a full inch?? Me neither. Then I realized it was actually two months ago that she had her last measurements taken, since last month was just vaccines. […]

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